Week 9 – Shoalhaven Mariners Junior Baseball

Shoalhaven Mariners Baseball Week 9 13th December down at Ison Park South Nowra saw the end of year game as well as their Christmas party.

T Ball

T-ball for some extra fun and training before the game did a few exercises with water balloons. First they threw water balloons in pairs, although none were able to catch the water balloons and instead were soaked. In another game, the kids hit the water balloons off a tee, with some big hits popping the water balloons before they got off the tee. But possibly the favourite game of them all was throwing water balloons at the coaches. This resulted in lots of giggles and a few wet coaches. Some of the players in particular, including Lewis Scicluna and Lexi Balzke may have got a bit too excited, running several metres in front of the line to get in the best soaking.

After a training session that was hard to beat, it was finally time for the long awaited parents versus kids game of T-ball. With the kids up to bat we had some massive hits past the adults, and even had a brother and sister team with team player Lalinta Quiney running the bases with her brother Ashton. We also had great base running, with Patrick Doran stealing bases to race his mum to the base and Matilda Lewis recovering from laughing in time to arrive safely on 3rd base. The fielding from the adults was another highlight of the game, with some quick running from some and some great pickups from the ground. Was a close game but parents just taking the win for the day. It was an amazing afternoon and a great way to celebrate all the progress that had been made so far. I am excited to see everyone next year for more fun.


Junior baseball had an amazing night with their warm ups and training , Coach Josh got down to their level teaching them from the basics handbook how to stretch out fully before a game and also fundamentals of pitching.

Training for the night was a short session with Coach Lewis, Josh , Alex and Ray  of learning how to throw , catching and some light batting before Juniors headed into a game against the Parents.

Some impressive hits for the night went to Paige Williams, Lochlan Quiney hitting out the centre field, Cameron Goulden and Daniel Lawler. Fantastic fielding efforts from the juniors getting quite a few of the parents out. Highlights were Lochlan Quiney catching out a parent at centre field, Charlie Wilson helped get an out of first base and Samuel Lalancette did a good throw into home base to get his dad out. Parents showed off some impressive skills hitting the balls far out into the outfield making the kids run hard and use up all their energy. The end score was 13-10 Kids way.

All the players then joined together to enjoy a ray of sweets and healthy fruits to say Merry Christmas and enjoy the holidays before returning end of January.

Junior League

Junior League saw Round 10 for the Illawarra competition playing Cardinals at Fred Finch Park in Berkeley Sunday 15th December.

Innings one saw Cardinals into bat first with a slow start for the pitcher allowing a few walks to bring in 5 runs across home plate

Mariners up to bat next saw a double base hit from Daniel Lawler out to centre field with lots of cheering but unfortunately Mariners were unable to score this innings.

Second innings saw some good fielding but Mackenzie Mannix, Mitchell Parrott and Cameron Goulden getting the outs for the innings either striking out, at first base and even a player getting caught trying to steal home base, Cardinals bringing in 4 runs for the innings with Mariners up to bat next. Mariners in next seen Cameron Goulden start the innings off with a hit out to 3rd base to get onto base. Cameron was the only run scored for Mariners in the second innings bringing the score to 9-1.

Third innings saw some good fielding efforts from Cooper Stibbard to Lochlan Quiney to get the out on second base, also nice fielding with Cooper Stibbard getting the second out for the innings running the player out at first base. Cardinals proving too strong not letting us get any runs scored for the innings striking 2 of our players out.

Fourth and final innings saw new to the mound for Mariners, Lochlan Quiney have his first attempt at pitching in Junior League. Cardinals getting a hold of his balls hitting them around the park but Lochlan did manage to get his first strike out for his career. Mariners into bat for the last time of the day see fires light in their bellies gaining a whopping 5 runs to close the game down with a 19-6 score.

What a great season we have had so far and looking forward to a much deserved break before we return on the 31st January down at Ison Park.

Shoalhaven Mariners will be holding their AGM at Bomaderry Bowling Club on 22nd January. If you have some spare time and can help build our local Baseball Association please nominate for a position on committee and come along on the 22nd Jan.  The Nomination form can be found on our web page and needs to be in by 15th January 2020.

Hope everyone has a fantastic Christmas and stay safe over the festive season.