Week 2 – Shoalhaven Mariners Junior Baseball

Shoalhaven Mariners Baseball Week 2 for the 2019/2020 season down at Ison Park South Nowra.


T Ball had nice weather for week 2 with Coach Sue, Coach Louise and Coach Amber. They started the afternoon with warm ups of running and stretching before going into their skill building exercises. Three exercises were run including sharks and sardines which is the baseball version of bull rush, second exercise was Gorri which works on children throwing a ball at the moving yoga ball to improve throwing accuracy. Last exercise of the night was competitive rolls where the children partner up to roll balls at each other with the objective to not let any balls rolls past you working on hand eye coordination and fielding skills. T-balls ended the night off with a game against each other.

Zooka/Junior Baseball

Zooka/Juniors had a fantastic turn out this week with plenty of coaches to spread around to help. On our coaching team was Coach Ray, Coach Lewis, Coach Alex ,Coach David and Coach Stuart overseeing the night.

They stared the afternoon off with a jog around the park to get their hearts pumping before going into stretches. After stretching out completely to minimise the risk of injury players split into 5 groups to complete stations of skill building activities. Stations for the night included throwing, batting, fielding, running and also an obstacle course. Keeping the kids engaged and active is a major objective so they continue to be keen while learning correct techniques of baseball. 

Once training had concluded all junior players split into two teams to play a game of baseball with some good hitting had by a lot of players, good seeing our fielding training being put into practice getting down low for the ground balls and up high for the fly balls.

Junior League

Junior League played at Ison Park Sunday 27th October against Northern Pirates junior league team. Sun out and the wind at bay seen a lovely day for baseball.

Pirates up to bat first saw a low scoring innings thanks to some good fielding from Cameron Goulden getting the first out on third base. Other two outs going to pitcher Mitchell Parrott striking the player out then team work with Hayden Symmans for run out on first base, 2 runs gained for the innings. Mariners into bat saw great pitching efforts from Pirates closing the innings down with no runs scored.

Second innings saw Mitchell Parrott once again take to the mound to throw some good strikes striking out the first two batters, Pirates then went on to score 4 runs before Riley-James Mason took an impressive fly ball in centre field to shut down the innings. Mariners up to bat saw Nikitah Symmans first up to bat getting on base by balls before making her way around the bases coming over home plate to score the first run for Mariners this game, Cooper Stibbard also making it home in the second innings to bring the score to 6-2 Pirates way.

Third innings Pirates into bat saw an infield fly caught by catcher Mackenzie Mannix for the first out of the innings, after gaining 1 run home pitcher change to Riley-James Mason then struck out the next batter and assistant in a player caught stealing home plate, score now 7-2 Pirates way. Mariners into bat seen no score change with Max Isreal-Marquis making a line drive down first base line but unfortunately getting caught.

Fourth and final innings saw Mariners fielding well with two outs happening on first base, Pirates were able to gain 4 players over home plate bringing their score up to 11-2. Mariners into bat for the last time of the day saw Pirates just proving to be too strong getting all 3 players run out at first base. Final score 11-2, good games to both teams.

Pitching duties were shared between Mitchell Parrott 47 pitches with 3 strike outs ,  Riley-James Mason 38 pitches with 1 strike out and Cameron Goulden 10 pitches with 1 strikeout.

Mackenzie Mannix caught the whole game.

Registrations still open this week so please call Samantha Harbinson 0472 713 114 or Kerrie Raymond on 0411 500 687 for help or enquiries.