Week 10 – Shoalhaven Mariners Junior Baseball


Getting back into the swing of things this week after a 6 week break. The t-ballers had a great training session despite the heat. They warmed up with a game of cat and mouse before moving on to some fundamental skills drills.

When it came to game time Thomas Lalancette very kindly offered to swap teams due to a shortage of players and demonstrated his impressive base running skills.

Patrick Doran has made huge improvements in his fielding skills and even got a few outs!

Gracie Wilson trained and played with great enthusiasm and a positive attitude.

McDonalds sport awards going to Lalinta Quiney and Atticuss Scicluna.

Junior Zooka

The heat didn’t stop the Zooka teams either and all the hard work they have been putting in is really paying off, the coaches have noticed great improvements amongst all the players.

Training consisted of some double play drills and ground ball drills as well as base running and some batting skills.

Batting practise paid off for Arana Palmer  who  hit an impressive home run during the game as well as making some amazing plays in the field. Ethan Wilson also had an impressive day with the bat having a couple of 2 base hits and some good fielding.

Kai Balzke hit a nice double and Jasna Palmer, Milla Balzke, Morgan Lewis and Charlaine Palmer all were advanced by team mates and made it home.

McDonalds sport awards going to Brooke Keith and Arana Palmer.

Junior League

First game back after our holiday break playing at home field Ison Park South Nowra on Sunday 2nd February against Wollongong Cardinals.

1st innings saw Mariners into bat first with Mackenzie Mannix starting off with a walk to first base before stealing his way to 2nd and 3rd base. Mitchell Parrott starting our hitting off with a great hit to Centerfield bringing 1 run in.

Riley Mason also had a great hit out to centerfield bringing another run in for the innings, Riley being brought home by a wild throw from Cardinals to finish the batting for Mariners in the first innings.

Cardinals into bat with Mitchell Parrott on the pitching mound. Luis Vaughan from Cardinals made a massive 3 bagger hit to left field before coming home on a wild throw, continuing on their hitting spree saw the next batter Lewis Mercieca hitting a 3 bagger out to right field keeping our fielders busy before coming home then on a wild pitch. Fourth batter Matthew Bunder  hit a line drive to Cooper Stibbard getting the first out for the innings. The second out was made my pitcher Mitchell Parrott to Cameron Goulden on First base, Mitchell Parrott then closing the innings out with a strike out. Score 4-3.

Second innings saw a quiet one for Mariners with Max Israel Marquis being the only player to make it on base but unfortunately unable to score the run. Cardinals into bat saw a few errors on Mariners behalf allowing running on base to score 5 runs, nice out on first base made by Mackenzie to Copper Stibbard to catch the player trying to steal home plate. Score 9-3.

Third and final innings saw not a great deal on the hitting side for Mariners but good fielding with a strike out for the first batter from Lochlan Quiney, nice unassisted catch at first base from

Cameron Goulden and a team effort from Riley Mason to Cameron for the third out and closing of the game. Final score 12-3 to Cardinals

Pitching duties were shared around between Mitchell Parrott, Cooper Stibbard, Lochlan Quiney and Riley Mason. Catching for the whole game from Mackenzie Mannix.

Back Row:
from left –  Daniel Lawler, Riley Mason, Mackenzie Mannix, Mitchell Parrott
from left  – Arana Palmer, Jasna Palmer, Cooper Stibbard, Cameron Goulden, Lochlan Quiney and Max Isreal- Marquis


Back row:
from left  –  Coach Ben Quiney, Daniel Lawler, Riley Mason, Mackenzie Mannix, Mitchell Parrott and Coach Brian Cremin          Front Row:
from left – Arana Palmer, Jasna Palmer, Cooper Stibbard, Cameron Goulden, Lochlan Quiney and Max Isreal- Marquis