Round 5 – 5th Grade Mariners

Shoalhaven Mariners 5th Grade played Cardinals 5A at Ison Park on Sunday 2nd August. With a close game Mariners 5th Grade seen their first win for the season.

First Innings saw Cardinals into bat first for a quick innings bringing in only 1 run because of some good fielding by Raymond Goulden, Cameron Goulden and Chris Keith. Mariners up to bat next saw a few errors and quick thinking to bring in an impressive 6 runs for the first innings, Tony Provest having a good hit out to left field bringing in 2 of those runs.

Second innings Cardinals back into bat saw another quick innings bringing in no new runs. Mariners up to bat having a quick turn around also unable to score any runs.

Third innings saw Cardinals step up their game to bring in 6 runs for the innings, with good fielding effort by Dan Miranda, Raymond Goulden, Cameron Goulden and Ben Quiney taking a fly ball in left field. Bringing the score to 7-6 Cardinals way

Fourth and Fifth innings for Cardinals saw them unable to gain anymore runs due to strong pitching and fielding effort. Mariners coming back in the fifth innings to get another 4 runs across home plate to bring the end score to 10-7 Mariners way.

Hits for the day went to Riley Mason, Amber Palmer, Chris Keith and Tony Provest.

Pitching duties done by Tausia Antonio throwing 91 pitches, 53 strikes and 5 strike outs.