Round 12 – Seniors Minor 2nd Grade

On Sunday Shoalhaven Mariners Minor 2nd grade team travelled to Fred Finch Park at Berkeley to take on Dapto Chiefs.

The first innings saw both teams evenly matched having just 4 batters up each before being retired. Mariners had a safe hit each from Austin Raymond and Matthew Moore bringing in 1 run over the plate. Chiefs started well in the field making a great double play.

In the second innings Mariners kept Chiefs working hard putting the pace on with most players recording a safe hit  and bringing in 7 runs, again keeping Chiefs to only 4 batters with no runs.

Third innings saw Mariners pull in another 2 runs from 3 safe hits and keeping Chiefs at bay 3 up 3 down.

The fourth innings Mariners kept rolling having another 3 hits bringing in 2 runs backed up well in the field with some great pitching from Andrew Pearson and a great play from Leith Grant to Matthew Moore to take the runner stealing, holding Chiefs still at a nil result.

In the fifth Mariners capitalized on Chiefs errors  bringing in another 3 runs. Chiefs had their first safe hit of the game at the bottom of the fifth with a single to right field from Emily Carroll .Mariners still dominating holding out any runs.

Sixth and final innings saw Mariners force more errors along with a few safe hits to bring in another 4 runs with Chiefs having again just 4 batters 1 safe hit and no runs.

Mariners won this game 19 – 0 .

Mariners recorded 20 safe hits with only 1 error for the game against Chiefs 2 hits and 6 errors.

Single hits for Mariners went to Austin Raymond (2), Matthew Moore, Brodie O’Reilly (2), Leith Grant (2), Greg Symmans, Ben Campbell (2), Shawn Carr (2) and Andrew Pearson. Doubles going to Leith Grant, Brodie O’Reilly, Matthew Moore and Brian Cremin (3).

The only triple of the game going to Matthew Moore.

Stand out solo pitching duties for the game went to Andrew Pearson with 71 pitches 23 balls 48 strikes and a massive 8 strikeouts.

Photos by: Ian Pearson