Come try days for the 2019/2020 season has kicked off

Saturday 17th August saw Shoalhaven Mariners Baseball Association hold the first of their Come try days for the 2019/2020 season with an impressive 40 new faces join us for a few hours of skill based games.

Children were split into groups of T-ball kids aged 3 to 7 doing obstacles courses, throwing practice, some big hitting off the tee and then final station a game simulation teaching the children what it is like to play with the Shoalhaven Mariners on a Friday night. With newly accredited coaches this year it is going to be wonderful to see a lot or fresh ideas and games to excite our littlest players while learning those all-important skills and making friendships.

Zooka/Baseball kids were aged between 7 and 14 with so many fresh faces it was great seeing everyone enjoying themselves always smiling and loving learning what baseball is all about. Children were split in half starting the afternoon off with a warm up of running and stretching to teach kids all about the importance of warming up the muscles to avoid injuries. Participants spent their time learning how to throw a ball correctly with accuracy to get it to the next person while at the same time learning how to use their baseball mitt to correctly receive a ball safely inside the palm.

Batting consisted of hitting off the tee into a group of waiting fielders, by hitting from a tee to begin with allows the person to focus their energy into visioning where they want the ball to go allowing their hand eye co-ordination to slowly build. Afternoon was finished off with a game to showcase to parents what to expect each week.

We still have 2 more Come Try Days organised for September 15th 10am till 12pm and also 20th September 4pm till 5.30pm before starting out season after October school holidays, for anymore information please contact Samantha Harbinson on 0472713114.