2021 Round 4 – Pink Round – 6th Grade Mariners

Shoalhaven Mariners 6th Grade travelled to Berkeley to compete in the Illawarra Pink round on Sunday playing Dapto Chiefs. Mariners had a full squad in Pink and looked great although Chiefs proved too strong from the first pitch. Chiefs kept Mariners out fielders  Martin Heffernan and Perry Allen  busy with Perry Alpen taking a great ... More

2021 Round 4 – Pink Round – 3rd Grade Mariners

Shoalhaven Mariners 3rd Grade travelled to Fred Finch Park Berkley to take on the Berkley Eagles for the Baseball Illawarra Pink round. From the get go Mariners showed their dominance with the bats bringing in runs from the first innings. Backed up by some impressive pitching and fielding the Mariners never looked back. Eagles tried hard ... More

2021 Round 4 – Pink Round – 2nd Grade Mariners

Shoalhaven Mariners 2nd Grade played Berkeley Eagles in the Illawarra Pink Round to help raise funds for Breast Aware on Saturday. The first two innings were scoreless from both teams in a tight start to the game. The third innings Mariners bats came alive, also forcing errors from Eagles bringing in 3 runs. Mariners had some great ... More

2021 Round 3 – 6th Grade Mariners

Shoalhaven Mariners 6th Grade  hosted Wollongong Cardinals. The game was a close affair with the lead changing numerous times. The result came down to the last innings. With Cardinals holding the lead by 2 it was Mariners turn to bat. There was 2 out, runners on 2nd and 3rd. Mariners batters shone with a 2 out rally taking the win away from ... More

2021 Round 3 – 5th Grade Mariners

Shoalhaven Mariners  5th Grade  played Wollongong Cardinals in a relatively one sided affair with Cardinals taking the lead from the start and never looking back.  Mariners never dropping their heads and giving it a great try with a lot of new players and people playing in new positions getting better every week. Cardinals winning 18/5 ... More

2021 Round 3 – 4th Grade Mariners

Shoalhaven Mariners 4th Grade  were out classed by Cardinals experienced players going down 24/1. Mariners stand out batter went to Zac Douglas with a double to left field while Brodie O'Reilly and Jason Mannix both had a single hit each. Mariners pitching was shared between Zac Douglas, Brodie O'Reilly and Patrick Mannix who all worked hard ... More

2021 Round 3 – 3rd Grade Mariners

Shoalhaven Mariners 3rd Grade once again travelled to Dapto to take on Dapto Chiefs. Dapto started strong bringing 3 runs in the top of first innings. Followed up by some nice pitching from Dapto's lead off pitcher Andrew Pearson only allowing Mariners to cross the plate once. The rest of the game Mariners dominated with pitcher AJ Provest ... More

2021 Round 3 – 2nd Grade Mariners

Shoalhaven Mariners 2nd Grade played Dapto Chiefs at Dapto on Saturday for their first encounter of the season. First innings both teams had a safe hit each with Chiefs in front 2/1. Second and third innings were tight with no score change by either side. Fourth innings saw a couple of pitching changes for Chiefs which Mariners took advantage ... More

2021 Round 2 – 4th Grade Mariners

Shoalhaven Mariners 4th Grade travelled to Dapto to take on the Dapto Panthers. From the get go it was clear to see that the Dapto team was at a level above the new Mariners forth grade team. Panthers pitcher Joshua Lenard shut the Mariners batters down only allowing on hit in the first three innings. Young Patrick Mannix started on the ... More

2021 Round 2 – 5th Grade Mariners

Shoalhaven Mariners 5th Grade travelled up to Dapto to take on the Panthers at Hector Harvey Field. The conditions weren't great but Mariners were there to take on a much more experienced Dapto side. The game didn't start well for Mariners get their first three batters out. Nice work in the field from starting pitcher Geoff Fulop ... More