Week 8 – Shoalhaven Mariners Junior Baseball

Shoalhaven Mariners Junior Baseball 6th December  at Ison Park South Nowra Round 8.

T Ball

Our T-ball  teams still had plenty of fun, starting the afternoon off throwing foam water balls at a target to cool down while practicing their throwing. Some team relay running and warm up drills kept the children well entertained.

We then went into some batting practice with plenty of big hits and ‘home runs’. Atticus Scicluna was one of the most enthusiastic and entertaining on the day.

Then we moved into our game which was a great one, where we could really see how far the teams have come. In the pitcher’s spot was Grace Wilson who did a good job of watching the ball to throw it back home. We also had some great fielding from Patrick Doran who was always on the ball, ready to get a player out on base. Some great throws from Lewis Scicluna, who took some extra time to practice his throwing and catching in training. We had some great batting and running on the night with Thomas Lalancette and Henry Meredith both having some beautiful hits and Lily-Rose did great running around the bases.

This week’s McDonald’s Sports Awards went to Atticus Scicluna, Lily-Rose Palmer and Lewis Scicluna.


Junior baseball had low numbers this week due to the heat and the risk of smoky air, but the coaches and players took full advantage of the one on one coaching because of smaller groups. Coach Josh took a page out of his coaching book wrapping some balls with electrical tape to show the players where to position their fingers when pitching a ball.

Some of the other activities for the night focussed on batting and fielding training improving their hand eye coordination at the same time. Teams then went in the play their weekly game merging into 2 teams to play each other. Some highlights for the night included Charlaine Palmer up on the pitcher’s mound doing a good job directing the balls down to the catcher Cameron Goulden, Daniel Lawler made an impressive 3 base hit before getting caught trying to steal home plate. Cameron Goulden hitting a home run along with a great hit from Arana Palmer and Brooke Palmer. Arana Palmer did a good job on first base getting 2 outs for the night along with taking a fantastic catch near second base for the last out of the evening.  Lochlan Quiney had a nice hit to get him to first base before he stole second base and getting out.

Overall a good night with lots of run and learning.

McDonald’s sport awards for the night were won by Noah Smith, Samuel Lalancette and Charlaine Palmer.

Junior League

Junior League was played on diamond 1 at Fred Finch Park in Berkeley on Sunday 8th December against Pirates Gold.

Mariners started the day off first up to pitch was Mackenzie Mannix who got onto base before moving his way around the plate getting home on a wild pitch, the innings continued with Will Canaris also getting home before the innings was closed out. Pirates up to bat saw some good pitching efforts with 2 strike outs for the innings and a run out at first base by Cameron Goulden.

Second innings saw a quick one at bat for Mariners with Pirates fielding proving too strong in the innings getting 3 out of the 4 batters faced. Pirates into bat for the second time saw pitcher and catcher working well together to get 3 outs but not before they were able to get 3 over the plate, score 7-2 at the end of second innings.

Third innings was a good one for Mariners getting an amazing 5 across home plate to bring the score to a tie. Pirates walking players around bases allowing Mariners Mitchell Parrott, Lochlan Quiney, Riley Mason, Cooper Stibbard and Arana Palmer to cross home plate. Pirates into bat for the last time of the day saw some good hits and a couple of errors allowing them to gain another 5 across home plate bringing the score up to 12-7.

Fourth and final innings for Mariners saw Mitchell Parrott hit a 2 base hit out to right field bringing in 2 runs for the innings then gaining bases to get home himself also. End score for the day  Pirates winning 12-10 . Such a great effort with so much improvement  by all the junior league players,  showing in such a close score line.

Pitching was shared between Mitchell Parrott, Riley Mason and Cooper Stibbard. Catching the whole game was Mackenzie Mannix.

McDonald’s sports award was won by Will Canaris gaining to home plate slides for the day.

Mariners played this game in honour of their previous team mate Will White , with black arm bands and a minute silence.

Shoalhaven Mariners sending their deepest condolences to Will’s Parents and family at this difficult time.

Coach Brian Cremin, Riley Mason
Cooper Stibbard, Max Israel-marc, Cameron Goulden, Mitchell Parrott, Daniel Lawler, Mackenzie Mannix and Arana Palmer
Will Canaris and Lochlan Quiney


Coach Amber and Coach Hayley
Grace Wilson, Patrick Doran, Thomas LaLancette, Lalinta Quiney, Lewis Scicluna and Lily-Rose Palmer
Atticus Scicluna and Henry Meredith