Week 4 – Shoalhaven Mariners Junior Baseball

Sunday 10th November saw Shoalhaven Mariners Baseball take on the Cardinals JuniorLeague at Fred Finch Park in Berkeley.

Cardinals being the home team Mariners cameup to bat first Mackenzie Mannix starting first getting a walk to first base before stealing his way around too 3rd base but unfortunately not making it home this time. Cardinals pitching proving too strong striking out the next three batters. Cardinals were next up to bat having an impressive innings bringing in 5 across home plate for the innings, score 5-0 for the first innings.

Second innings saw Mitchell Parrott up to bat first getting on base to move his way around the plates and safely over home plate for the only run scored for Mariners in the second innings. Cardinals into bat seeing them once again score 5 runs but not before Mitchell Parrott took at great catch at pitching mound, score 10-1 finish of second innings.

Third innings saw Riley-James Mason hit a nice piece out to left field bringing in the first run for the innings, Will Canaris was next up to bat getting onto base and stealing his way around to make a dusty impressive slide into home plate. Cardinals into bat seen Mariners Pitcher Riley-James Mason stepping up to the plate to strike out 3 players for the innings only allowing 2 runs to be scored bringing the score to 12-3.

Forth and final innings Riley-James Mason had another impressive hit out to centre field to place him on first base before stealing his way around all the bases and over home plate. Cardinals into bat for the last time seen no score change for the innings as time was called for the game. Score ending in 12-4, great effort had by all players.

Pitching duties shared between Mitchell Parrott pitching 45 and 1 strike out. Mackenzie Mannix pitching 18 with 1 strike out and Riley-James Mason pitching 33 with 3 strike outs.

Catching duties was done by Cooper Stibbard for the whole game.

Friday 8th November club competitions for T-ball and Junior Baseball down at Ison Park was called off due to Severe Weather Warning issued for the Nowra area unfortunately but looking forward to getting back into the swing of things Friday 15th November.

Any further information on Junior Baseball please contact Samantha Harbinson on 04724 13114.