Week 1 – Shoalhaven Mariners Junior Baseball

Friday 20th October saw favourable weather for the start of Shoalhaven Mariners Baseball Association 2019/2020 Junior season.

T Ball

T-ball had a great start to the season. We started the night off splitting into groups for some fun training exercises to work on improving their throwing, batting and running with Coach Mel and Coach Hayley. The obstacle course was the favourite warm up for the night with some close races and lots of giggles. Was great seeing so many new faces down at the field enjoying the weather, food and energetic coaches.

The night was then finished off with an excellent first game where we had fantastic hits from Patrick Doran, Thomas Lalancette, Lalinta Quiney and Baylin Williams. The fielding was taken out by one of our fresh faces who excitedly sprinted for the ball wherever it landed.

Overall it was a great session and we hope to see everyone there next Friday for another fun-filled night.


Zooka/Junior Baseball had a very full on first night with a lot of fresh new faces coming down to try baseball in the hopes of joining the Shoalhaven Mariners.

Coaches Lewis and Richard started the afternoon out with some light warm ups of jogging and stretching before splitting the team’s into two to start showing children how to correctly throw a ball without injury, catching a ball by closing glove over the inserted ball. Was good seeing some of our more senior players Daniel Lawler, Lochlan Quiney, Will Canaris and Cooper Stibbard making our new comers feel welcomed and included to participate. The Zooka and Junior players continued on with a few drills of throwing, catching and batting before ending the night early than expected.

Hope to see everyone back next week for a full session of training then into our weekly game Stingrays verses Seahawks.. who will take it out next week?

Junior League

Junior League Baseball Sunday 20th OCTOBER Shoalhaven Mariners Junior league team travelled to Fred Finch Park in Berkeley to face Dapto Chiefs in our first game for the season. With a bright sunny day Mariners started in the field with some new season jitters. Chiefs brought 5 over home plate to bring a change of sides. Riley-James Mason started in the middle for Mariners with Mackenzie Mannix catching both doing a great job. Mariners into bat with Mackenzie Mannix being our only safe hit for the innings and coming home on a wild pitch.

Second innings saw a change of pitcher for Mariners bringing Mitchell Parrott to the mound getting 2 strike outs for the innings but not before Dapto moved around 5 players over home plate. Mariners into bat seen a few errors being made by both teams, gaining Cameron Goulden on base but then getting caught stealing second base. Riley-James Mason had the only safe hit for the innings gaining him on first base but unfortunately not getting home.

Third innings saw another impressive innings for Dapto Chiefs getting a couple double base hits gaining another 5 safely home. Mariners up to bat next saw a quick innings with no Mariners making it home.

Fourth and final innings Mariners now with Cameron Goulden on the mound doing a great job, unfortunately Chiefs came out on fire bashing the ball around the park to bring home five out of the eight batters faced to bring a ending score of 20 runs scored. Mariners up to bat for the last time being shut down very quickly to finish with a score of 1 run. Final score ending 20 – 1 to Dapto Chiefs.

Hits for the day went to Mackenzie Mannix, Cameron Goulden and Riley-James Mason.

Pitching duties were shared between Riley-James Mason, Mitchell Parrott and Cameron Goulden. Mackenzie Mannix caught the whole game.

For any information on registering in any of our teams or questions please call Samantha Harbinson on 0472713114.

Team photo
Back  :  Coach Brian Cremin, Riley-James Mason, Hayden Symmans, Arana Palmer, Daniel Lawler
Middle :   Nikitah Symmans, Mackenzie Mannix, Mitchell Parrott, Cameron Goulden
Front :  Maxwell Israel Marquis, Will Canaris and Cooper Stibbard.