Round 9 – 3rd Grade Mariners

Third Grade travelled to Eagle Field at Berkley to play Eagles at home. Mariners started batting with two strikeouts before Andrew Provest hit a two base hit and then scored the first run. Eagles replied with one hit to bring in a single run.

Both teams scoreless in the second before Andrew Provest again with a hit was bated round to cross the plate after hits from James Lee and Matt Forster. Eagles were unable to get on base giving Mariners the lead 2-1. No change in the third innings.

In the fourth a hit by Tom Box, saw Tom batted round by Cheyanne Wenham and Simon Levy scoring the third run for Mariners. After a line drive catch by Stephen Pearson Mariners relaxed to error and allow Eagles a run across the plate.

Coach then encouraged Mariners to step up to the plate at the start of the next innings. The team responded. Nine runs would be scored in the fifth with two good hits by James Lee and a hit by Antony Lee. This would bring Mariners to 12 and put more pressure on Eagles. Eagles were unable to add to their score in the fifth.

In the final innings Mariners were unable to add to the score despite a base hit from Degan Beckelmans. A new pitcher for Mariners saw Eagles plate three runs before having their final batter struck out. Finall score Mariners 12 – Eagles 5.

Pitching for Mariners was shared by Andrew Provest with 48 strikes for 70 pitches and 7 strikeouts and Matt Forster with 10 strikes in 40 pitches for 1 strikeout.