Round 8 – 5th Grade Mariners

Shoalhaven Mariners 5th Grade played Northern Pirates Sunday 23rd August at Berkeley after a few weeks of wet grounds was good to get the team on the field.

First innings started with Shoalhaven Mariners up to bat first, Tausia Antonio up to bat first hitting out to left field to get on base before bringing in first run scored for the innings. Pirates up to bat next saw Mariners fielding prove to strong not allowing any runs scored.
Second innings saw another run scored for the Mariners with Bruce Hennessey getting on base before stealing his way around bases before being brought home by Ben Quiney. Pirates up to bat for the second innings seen a quick shut down once again not gaining runs.
Third innings Pirates stepped up their fielding to allow Mariners no runs scored before taking to the batting box to put on a good show having 3 safe hits, bringing in 2 runs scored to tie the game at 2-2.
Fourth and Fifth innings for Mariners seen no change in score before Pairates came up to bat for another 4 runs scored.
Sixth innings seen Pirates gain 1 last run before Mariners came in to bat for the last time in seventh innings to grab 2 more quick runs finishing the game on a 7-4 loss.
Hits for the day went to Tausia Antonio, Dan Miranda, Austin Raymond, Raymond Goulden, Bruce Hennessey (2) and Stuart Raymond.
Pitching duties done by Tausia Antonio throwing 105 pitches,  69 strikes and 9 strike outs.