Round 8 – 4th Grade Mariners

Shoalhaven Mariners 4th Grade travelled to Hector Harvey field Dapto to take on the Dapto Panthers in horrendous conditions.

The first innings started well for the Mariners with nice hits from Austin Raymond and Degan Brekelmens scorings two runs.

In reply Panther scored one run.

The second innings Mariners put another one on the board but in response Panthers manage three runs from some advantageous hits and some walked runners.

It was a close game with Panthers just staying ahead all game.

It came down to the last inning where Panthers pitcher Trent Boreham started to get tried and Mariners took advantage taking the lead for the first time after the first innings.

Bottom of the final innings Mariners relief pitcher Andrew Pearson was struggling in the wind. To his credit Andrew battled back getting two out in quick succession but unfortunately Mariners fell one out short with Panthers getting a hit just over the infield scoring the winning run.

Panthers winning 11/10

Hits from Mariners Batters,

The only double base hit of the game went to Tausia Antonio and Single Hits Degan Brekelmans  3, Andrew Pearson 2, Austin Raymond 1, Stuart Raymond 1, Leith Grant 1


Austin Raymond

62 pitchers 34 strikes

Andrew Pearson

60 pitchers 39 strikes and 3 strike outs