Round 5 – 3rd Grade Mariners

Third Grade started with promise. Four batters, three outs, two of them strikeouts and the third fielded by pitcher, out at first. Mariners went into bat but couldn’t deliver – three up three down.

Barbarians young guns responded with an earned run and one from an error. It was time for Mariners to step up. They responded. Two earnt runs after a good hit by Simon Levy.

The third innings saw Mariners close out Barbarians with pitcher Lee Lawson striking out two and Tom Box taking a great right field catch. Smart batting saw Mariners on base and with some stolen bases earning three more runs. Mariners 5, Barbarians 2.

The fourth innings yielded no more runs for either side. In the fifth Barbarians capitalised on an early error scoring one more run before two more strikeouts closed down the innings. Three up three down for Mariners unexpectedly put Barbarians in a strong position.

In the fifth Barbarians hit out and capitalised on errors taking the lead, putting four players across the plate. Despite big hits to the outfield Mariners could not match the score. Mariners 5 defeated by Barbarians 7.

Lee Lawson pitched for Mariners with 126 pitches with 82 strikes and ten strikeouts. Tom Box took two great catches on the run.