Round 3 – 4th Grade Mariners

Shoalhaven Mariners 4th grade hosted the Dapto Panthers at Ison Park on Sunday 19th July.

The whole game was a close fort affair with the lead changing numerous times.

The Panthers batted first with some nice pitching from lead off pitcher Andrew Pearson.

Andrew Pearson got three strikeouts the first inning but a couple of unforced errors allowed the Panthers to notch one run on the board.

Mariners responded quickly in the bottom of that inning evening up the score with a run of their own.

Next innings panthers were shut down it quick succession not allowed to score.

Mariners at bat started with a nice hit from Leith Grant getting on base.

Next at bat was new comer Bianca Cotter getting on base. With a couple of wild pitchers from Panthers pitcher Trent Boreham allowed Bianca to score and Mariners to take the lead.

The lead was short lived with the Panthers crew getting the lead back with some nice batting and helped along with some unfortunate errors in the field.

With Mariners trailing Austin Raymond got on base from an error. Then with some cheeky base running scored tying up the game.

Then with two runners on base Stuart Raymond hit a nice ball to right field allowing another run across the plate taking the lead back.

Once again the lead was short lived with Andrew Pearson struggling on the mound and accumulative errors in the field mariners handed the lead back to Panthers.

Andrew Pearson handed the pitching duties over to Leith Grant near the end of the innings

Leith Grant had to only throw one pitch to finish off the innings.

The score stayed the same for the next two inning and then it came down to the bottom of the last inning with mariners turn to bat trailing by two.

With mariners first two batters getting on base and then two quick out for Panthers it came down to the last out.

Mariners had scored the first two runners and had the winning run on second base. Another new comer Bruce Jones came up to bat cracking a ball to the fence in right field scoring the runner from second base allowing Mariners to take the win 8/7.


Andrew Pearson 96 pitchers 54 strikes and 5 strikeouts

Leith Grant 1 pitch 1 strike

Austin Raymond 20 pitcher 11 strikes


Doubles Bruce Jones ( 2). Singles Jordan Butfield (2). Austin Raymond, Stuart Raymond,  Leith grant and Andrew Pearson