Round 2 – Juniors

Friday 30th October saw round 2 at Ison Park South Nowra for the Junior Shoalhaven Mariners. 

T-ball had another great afternoon having fun and learning new skills despite some stormy clouds above us not deterring our littlest players from practicing some throwing and batting but the base running game, dragon’s nest was a favorite. 

Ashton Quiney and Claire O’Brian especially loved running around the bases to collect the dragon’s eggs as fast as they could running through the obstacle course. Lily-Rose Palmer did a great job at throwing this week with almost all of her throws hitting the target.  

After our warmup we got together to play a game of t-ball, Lincoln Burgess and Matilda Lewis did great with batting with balls flying between 1st and 2nd base. 

Lucas Mason did a great job in the field, always being the first to run after a ball and get it back to the bases. 

Junior Baseball had a good turn out with full teams arriving to play even with the sky showing signs it wanted to bucket down. A few of the younger players moving up from T-Ball to try out their skills with the older kids.  

Teams being coached by Josh and Ray started the afternoon with skills around throwing, hitting and base running to warm them up for the game.  

In the game some good stand outs in hitting were Arana Palmer, Alexander Flemegas and Morgan Lewis. 

Fielding had some good catches by Samual Lalancette, Lalinta Quiney, Lochlan Quiney and Arana Palmer doing a double play.  

Unfortunately, there was a wash out for our Junior League team travelling to Illawarra this week.  

We are still looking for anyone aged 3 – 14 to join our t-ball or Junior league teams either interested in travelling each week or playing Ison Park. For any information, please call Samantha Harbinson on 0472 713 114.

A limited Canteen will be available each week for your food and apparel needs.