Round 18 – Seniors Minor 3rd Grade

Travelling away to Thomas Dalton Park with the bare 9 players Mariners focussed on playing a good game! Mariners at bat. Three up. Three down. No score. A tough way to start. Pirates responded with two hits eventually scoring these first two runners. Mariners at bat. A hit by Tausia Antonio and some stolen bases led the way. Another hit by Tony Provest and one run scored. Pirates lead 2-1. Mariners turn to get three up, three down. A tight game.

Mariners stepped up to the plate at the top of the third. Led by a hit by Melissa Keith, other hits followed by David Crowley, Chris Keith(3bases), Tony Burgess(3 bases), Antonio Tausia and Tony Provest(3 bases) ensured runners were batted in – runs scored by Mel Keith, David Crowley, Amber Palmer, Chris Keith, Tony Burgess, Antonio Tausia and Kalysta Palmer. Pirates responded with a three base hit but were unable to add to their total. Mariners lead 8-2.

Amber Palmer on base was hit home by Chris Keith (3 base hit) before Tony Burgess made a base hit and was hit home by Antonio Tausia. Two more scored. Time for Pirates to respond. A great out by Amber Palmer at first base set the tone to start. Four hits followed. Pirates looked set to catch up. Good pitching outs closed the innings but four scored. Mariners up to the plate. Last at bat. Despite a hit by David Crowley no-one crossed the plate. Pirates had last chance to level the score. Three good plays. Side away.

Mariners victorious…. 10-6.

Tausia Antonio pitched the full game 99 pitches, 60 strikes and 7 strikeouts. Kalysta Palmer was instrumental in 7 outs playing catcher and Amber Palmer made 6 outs, including a great catch whilst playing at first base. Well done team !