Round 18 – Seniors Minor 2nd Grade

Shoalhaven Mariners Minor 2nd grade side travelled to Thomas Dalton Park at Fairy Meadow taking on the Northern Pirates with a bare nine mixed player team.

Mariners David Crowley up to bat first, starting nicely with a safe hit to 3rd base. With the next two batters unable to gain base and Crowley now sitting at 2nd base, Stuart Raymond had a hit to left field scoring Crowley. Then Leith Grant had a safe hit to centre field scoring Raymond. Mariners now fielding with pitcher Andrew Pearson warming into it sitting 3 from 5 batters down with a score of 2-1 Mariners way.

The 2nd innings saw Mariners come out with some great batting and base running forcing some errors in the Pirates camp. Ben Campbell starting the batting off with a double to right field, David Crowley having a single to centre field scoring Campbell. Mariners having a few batters gain base from a walk and errors then Stuart Raymond had a hit to centre field scoring one. In response Pirates were retired quickly after Andrew Pearson sat 3 from 4 batters down , now with a score line of 6-1.

In the 3rd innings Mariners first 3 batters reach base safely then Mariners only safe hit for the innings coming from David Crowley to centre field. Mariners next batter Andrew Provest able to bat in our only run for the dig .In return Pirates came out with 2 safe hits from Daniel Baker and Matt White and managed to score 1 bringing the score to 7-2

The fourth innings both sides forcing errors in the field, Mariners batting through their entire line up Stuart Raymond having a double to left field, Leith Grant a double to left field ,Tony Burgess a single to right field, Tausia Antonio a triple to left field and David Crowley a single to the infield. Pirates came back with 2 safe hits, Daniel Baker and Martin White with a score line now of 13-5

The fifth innings saw 3 up and 3 down for both sides with some great fielding. Mariners winning the game 13-5

Andrew Pearson pitching the full game throwing 98 pitches with 59 strikes and 10 strikeouts.