Round 17 – Seniors Major 2nd Grade

On Saturday Shoalhaven Mariners Major 2nd Grade travelled to Hector Harvey Park at Dapto, taking on Dapto Panthers in horrific weather conditions.

Mariners started the game off with the bats, unfortunately our first three batters were sat back down. In return to that Mariners took to the field with a strong start also sitting Panthers first three batters down containing the score line to 0-0.

Second innings Mariners came out stronger with Kieran Harris having a double hit to centre field and Nicholas Fisher  gaining a safe hit to third base, still unable to score any runs. Panthers came out forcing an error in the field which did result in 1 run but was contained with some great pitching from Kai Meuronen having 3 strikeouts.

Third innings saw Mariners bat through the entire line up with Ben Campbell starting off with a single to right field, Kieran Harris having a single hit to right field also bringing in our first run. Brenton McMahon batted in our 2nd run with Panthers having an error in the field Mariners capitalised and brought the 3rd run in .In response Panthers also batted through their line up, found gaps in the field and were able to bring in 4 runs taking the score to 3-5.

The fourth innings both sides unable to gain any runs although Mariners did make a great double play between Sam De Meyer to Kieran Harris.

The fifth and final innings Brenton McMahon had a nice hit to left field with Ben Campbell batting him in. Final score in a tight game went to Panthers 5-4.

Pitching duties were shared between Kai Meuronen 61 pitches with 30 strikes and 3 strike outs and Brenton McMahon 65 pitches 30 strikes and 5 strikeouts.

Photos by Tracy Provest