Round 11 – 5th Grade Mariners

Fifth Grade Mariners hosted Cardinals at home at Ison Park on Sunday. Cardinals up to bat first. With a quick 3 up 3 down Mariners were in to bat quickly. Mariners brought in 4 runs before Cardinals made a pitching change.

Second Innings saw some good fielding on first base to get all three outs with Cardinals only scoring one run against Mariners. Chris Keith had the only hit for the innings but was unable to get home. Mariners still held the lead 4-1.

Third innings saw Cardinals have a couple of safe hits to bring in a second run. Mariners were urged on. This ended up a big innings for Mariners. Five safe hits brought in in 6 runs. Mariners lead 10-2.

In the fourth Mariners proved too strong in their fielding to once again have Cardinals scoreless. Mariners up to bat. This time three nice hits led to another 2 runs over plate.

Cardinals began the last innings with two massive hits into the outfield. This got players around bases quickly to gain 2 runs. Mariners up to bat for the last time of the day saw Leith Grant have one last hit before being retired. Mariners had scored a sound win 12-4.

Hits for the day were had by Tony Burgess, Austin Raymond, Tausia Antonio, Chris Keith (3), Stuart Raymond, Leith Grant, Bruce Hennessey, Cameron Goulden and Riley Mason.A real team effort!

Pitching was completed by Tausia Antonio with 89 pitches, 57 strikes and 4 strikeouts.