2021 Round 4 – Pink Round – 6th Grade Mariners

Shoalhaven Mariners 6th Grade travelled to Berkeley to compete in the Illawarra Pink round on Sunday playing Dapto Chiefs. Mariners had a full squad in Pink and looked great although Chiefs proved too strong from the first pitch. Chiefs kept Mariners out fielders  Martin Heffernan and Perry Allen  busy with Perry Alpen taking a great catch in the third inning. Mariners infielders Kailey Ehrig and Andrew Smithson both made some great outs. Chiefs had 15 hits to Mariners 2 with Perry Alpen having a double hit to centre field and Adrian Ghilezan having a single hit.

Pitching duties were shared between father and son duo Cameron and Raymond Goulden and backed well with catcher Kalysta Palmer.

Chiefs  coming away with the win 17/0