2021 Round 3 – 2nd Grade Mariners

Shoalhaven Mariners 2nd Grade played Dapto Chiefs at Dapto on Saturday for their first encounter of the season. First innings both teams had a safe hit each with Chiefs in front 2/1. Second and third innings were tight with no score change by either side. Fourth innings saw a couple of pitching changes for Chiefs which Mariners took advantage of taking the score to 9/2. Fifth and sixth innings Mariners capitalised on some errors in the field by Chiefs with Mariners winning the game 14/2. Mariners hits went to Lawson Trudgett (2), Lee Lawson, Jackson Mannix (3), Gabe Tate, Dan Kelly, Darcy Franks and PJ Barbaro. Pitching Duties were shared with Will Page-Allen 82 pitches 45 strikes and 8 strikeouts and Brenton McMahon 23 pitches 15 strikes and 2 strikeouts.