5 Results for day: 24/09/2020

Round 12 – 3rd Grade Mariners

Third Grade started baseball on Saturday for Mariners at home. Eagles were ready early taking the field with a strong positive start. Two base hits early and then a two base hit to right field led to four runs across the plate. Mariners needed to bat and bat they id. Hits by Kailey Ehrig, Ben Elliott (2 bases), James Lee, ... More

Round 12 – 2nd Grade Mariners

Second Grade was played on Saturday at Ison Park. Eagles 2 travelled to Nowra taking the field first. Eagles attacked the ball and managed to open the ledger. Mariners responded in kind. Everyone went out to make the last game a winner. With the team in unusual positions the spectators were worried for Mariners. They ... More

Round 11 – 4th Grade Mariners

Fourth Grade Mariners hosted Pirates at home at ison Park. Starting the game Mariners pitcher, Andrew Pearson, shut down Pirates quickly. Responding Mariners first two batters on base after some nice hitting to right field. Hits to Bruce Jones and Stuart Raymond brought in the two runs giving the early lead to Mariners. In ... More

Round 11 – 3rd Grade Mariners

Third Grade Mariners were the only team playing on Saturday. Travelling to Berkeley to play Barbarians Mariners were hungry for the win. Barbarians started well in the first innings, hitting to left field twice to score the first run of the game. Not to be outdone Degan Beckelmans opened Mariners ledger with a two base hit to ... More

Round 11 – 5th Grade Mariners

Fifth Grade Mariners hosted Cardinals at home at Ison Park on Sunday. Cardinals up to bat first. With a quick 3 up 3 down Mariners were in to bat quickly. Mariners brought in 4 runs before Cardinals made a pitching change. Second Innings saw some good fielding on first base to get all three outs with Cardinals only scoring ... More