Round 1 – Seniors Minor 2nd Grade

Shoalhaven Mariners Minor 2nd grade started the season off with a lot of fresh faces to the competition. Mariners went down to Warriors for a finishing score of 14-7.

First innings brought Warriors into bat first with the combination of strong batting and new fielders Warriors were able to score 2 runs across home plate, nice out was had by David Crowley to Catcher Tony Burgess finishing their innings out. Mariners into bat seen some nice hits from David Crowley , Amber Palmer and Kalysta Palmer going into the outfield allowing 2 runs to be scored for the innings.

Second innings saw a quick up to bat for Warriors with the pitching proving just to strong closing out the innings with strikes and no runs scored. Mariners into bat saw Colin Barnes have a good hit out to right field moving his way around the bases but unfortunately unable to be brought home.

Third innings seen Warriors come out bats on fire with Tim Crowther hitting a massive 3 base hit to right field, outs of the innings going to Colin Barnes and Tony Burgess on first base. Warriors scoring 4 safe across home plate. Mariners into bat brought David Crowley first up to the batter’s box making a hit out to short stop before making his way around the bases from a safe hit from Anthony Burgess and home off a great hit from Kalysta Palmer for the only run scored in the innings.

Fourth innings seen Warriors step up their game bringing in a whopping 6 runs scored, some good fielding from David Crowley to Tony Burgess saw Mariners able to close down the innings before any more runs could be scored. Mariners next up to bat saw a tired arm by Warriors pitcher allowing a couple walks which brought 3 across home plate, with Chris Keith having a huge hit to leftfield.

Fifth and final innings Warriors were able to only bring 1 across home plate making their total scored runs 14 for the game, Stephen Pearson bringing in 2 of the outs for the innings. Mariners closed up the innings gaining 1 across home plate to finish the game up with 7 runs scored.

Pitching duties were shared with Stephen Pearson 58 Pitches 35 strikes 23 balls and 5 strikeouts and Colin Barnes throwing 53 pitches 14 balls 39 strikes with 1 strikeout.