Team Facing Pirates Blue. Announcing T-Ball we have the Stingrays and Seahawks

Friday 1st November will see round 3 of our T-ball, Zooka and Junior baseball at Ison Park South Nowra starting from 5pm.

With teams now coming into place we are excited to announce in T-Ball we have the Stingrays and Seahawks with many energetic coaches teaching our children about technique and most importantly how to have fun at baseball.

Combined Zooka and Junior baseball this year are expanding into 3 teams consisting of Stingrays, Seahawks and Dolphins. How exciting to see the game grow with more enthusiastic children joining each week. Each week will run with warm ups and stretches before going into groups of activities focussing on throwing, hitting, fielding and running. After that 2 teams will play each other, with the third team focussing on more in-depth techniques ready to put into play the following week. This week will see Stingrays verses Seahawks.

Canteen facilities are available on the night for food, drinks and apparel needs.

Sunday 3rd November will see Shoalhaven Mariners Junior League team travel to Fred Finch Park in Berkeley to play Northern Pirates Blue at 10.30am on Diamond 1. This will be the first encounter of the season for the team facing Pirates blue.

Mariners Junior League are improving showing what they are learning in training being put into practice on the field, with a few of our players making plays last weekend.

For any information on the Junior season contact Samantha Harbinson on 0472713114